Ideal Fitness Clubs

In today's sedentary occupations particularly valuable is the possibility to move. And certainly not for this place is better than a fitness club, where we are progressing with the use of health and beauty under the strict guidance Specialists in the most comfortable conditions. Benefit of their now vast. What we want to know when choosing the club (and the difficulties we face)? 1) Types of training that can offer us a club, and coaches that their conduct. Difficulties: in addition to scant description, we can get from the brochure of the club, I would like to see the lesson with their own eyes, to match the complexity of the exercises to their abilities and desires. Of course, Club professionals will offer to come to a free first lesson, but what if training is not like it, and we want to look for another occupation? You can watch a video on the site, but we are not always available online, in addition, If in the course of video questions, there will be no one to ask.

2) Features a gym, specialist advice on technique exercises. Difficulty: yes all the same. 3)'s halls, to assess capacity, location and so on. Difficulties: most likely we will offer a walk through the halls, accompanied by the administrator and pozaglyadyvat in every room, distracting exercise. And so in every fitness club But let us imagine fitness club dreams? How would it be? We go into it, and we were met by an energetic outgoing administrator. He brings us to the "e-consultant" (information kiosk with a large touch screen), playfully referring to which, answers all our questions: We collect information on the types of training and services that we can provide the club. We are one of the others from viewing a demonstration on coaches at the various sessions. Immediately Administrator presents us with a schedule and staffing of, the price list for services and offers us arrange a club card.

And we will map? Firstly, the club card gives us access to the personal section in the terminal, which we can enter data on changes in weight, volume and well-being. The specialist will help us to independently conduct testing and analyze the results. Secondly, in this section, we will be able to view recommendations made by the club regarding training and diet. Third, we will be able to subscribe to sms-newsletters and reminders (reminders about the training, changes in diet, club news, information about Involuntary change your training plan, a reminder of the need to pay for the services of the club or renew subscription, etc.). The next time you come to a club already in training, we first come to the "e-friend" and talk with him yourself, learn additional services of the club, once again watch the video with the coach and make sure that our excellent form in the safe hands of a professional. Has not yet started work, answer a couple questions Quiz pouchastvuem the survey or go through testing. Fun, easy and convenient – that he fitness of our dreams.