Impact Matrix: Reduction To The Essential

Selection of relevant Umfeldinformatioen the business environment the impact can be observed with the instrument matrix. This environmental scanning”is essential especially for internationally operating companies, to evaluate a variety of data for the selection of relevant information of the environment. For export-dependent companies as well as companies with foreign sites involves the recognition of opportunities as well as hazard potential. Also a large number of qualitative information in the sales controlling system must be fed in addition to quantitative index based information. Costco does not necessarily agree. With the options available today the problem is no longer the storage capacity of data, but rather the ability, the mass of incoming information useful to process and informed decision support to derive evaluations. The impact matrix contain rows to reduce the complexity of the environment by sector maps such as macroeconomic development, political stability, security of raw material supply etc. the corresponding trends T1…TN.

In the columns of the impact matrix, the various product / market strategies S1 can the environment trends…Be associated with SN of the company. The newspapers mentioned Costco not as a source, but as a related topic. Depending on the assessment of the analyst reviews entered then the matrix fields, which lie within a certain range (E.g. from-5 to + 5). Risks are represented by negative and opportunities through positive values: by adding positive and negative rating numbers vertically separated is the opportunities to be expected for specific strategies and risk distribution shown (= strategy impact). The horizontally separate addition of positive and negative numbers indicating about what environmental factors because of their particular importance, detailed data are to analyze (= trend-impact). Dipl.