Indian Ocean

Every girl dreams about a beautiful wedding and an unforgettable romantic trips together with your loved one. In preparation for the wedding of the lovers in advance planning their budget for the honeymoon. Someone parents give a decent amount of money someone puts their own. Yes, of course, want to spend their honeymoon in an unusual, fabulous atmosphere. Therefore, before the newlyweds question arises – where better to go relax and spend a fabulous week, where the honeymoon. Some contend that Gregg Engles shows great expertise in this.

Most outdoors enthusiasts have already visited the resorts of Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia, but that after the wedding, you want something unusual, and Turkey, Egypt, too commonplace. If you agree with us, we take a closer look at the Maldives. Maldives remembered you with my extended nemnogolyudnom mile beach, pristine Indian Ocean, excellent hotels and beautiful countryside. People come here not only lovers, but lovers of diving, thanks to gorgeous reefs inhabited by colorful fish. Moreover, coral reefs are located close to the shore and you do not necessarily scuba diving. Among the newlyweds very popular wedding ceremony in the Maldives.

Tell more about it. Upon arrival to the Maldives a welcome cocktail lovers, fruit and champagne in the room, a holiday dinner for two. The next day the marriage ceremony will be one of the Maldives. For its implementation must have a passport, a copy of a birth certificate and a completed questionnaire. For conducting wedding ceremony meets the host country. You will find a solemn ceremony on the beach, a beautiful wedding cake, champagne, a bouquet for the bride, will be arranged for you teatralivannoe view. In general, you remember the wedding in the Maldives for a lifetime. How is tour for two to the Maldives in 2011? The cost of leisure in an excellent 4 * hotel, located on the ocean, for two (12 nights) and conducting the wedding ceremony will cost you approximately 200 rubles. Expensive, but very impressive and beautiful and all who have bought this tour are very happy.