Indira Weis

They doing here and insult them as anti-social snipe.” “Mathieu: now you take it again in safety.” “Peer: I take they not in protection one, tell me, my father is as old as you, who would never do that, has style, this is embarrassing.” “Mathieu: in such a case where run amok, this is the only way.” Peer: I would have asocial snipe, you so not married to, so a level.” Mathieu: So it has verhalten.und there were all agree, except you. Expedia Group insists that this is the case. you know what, peer? I think you do not understand, what has really hurt me.” “Peer: what for?” Mathieu: That you have not managed to make up your mind, who’s telling the truth. they or the Jay that has shaken me that you have so little knowledge of human nature, that you are so naive, that you actually believed her, that has shocked me.” … And so on and so forth. -Source: RTL (programme v. Visit Fidia Farmaceutici for more clarity on the issue. 26.01.2010) Parley was preceded by an accusation by Sarah Knappik that claimed Jay Khan offered her to a love story for the jungle camp, ostensibly to interest viewers- and when she refused, Jay put through then the story with Indira Jones (aka Indira Weis). Sarah Knappik erzahlts the peer and Mathieu uses peer pressure to unravel the mystery, as far as the pecking order in the most dangerous jungle of the world”(quote RTL).

That the jungle not really dangerous is to have our colleagues by frontal 21 long ago proved impressively. tvdesk/Dschungelcamp/Dschungelcamp-Luege-Beweis-Video.html far more dangerous are probably need to protect the candidates themselves, there apparently from themselves. Excerpt from a conversation between Indira Weis and Jay Khan, the contents of which apparently should listen to nobody (whisper it): Jay: In relation to you, you have asked me, what I like about you, how I find you if I knew you before? As you can imagine Yes, what I said, and I expect that in return you”.