Infantile Education

With this it is justified literary formation from verbal texts known by the pupils in the construction knowing of them. We develop this work, observing the behavior of the pupils in contact with the diverse types of reading of the most varied texts and the contact with others in the exchange of experience and the acquisition of the knowledge. Of this form we organize the main questions around the Acquisition of the Verbal or Written Reading as a systemize process of Abilities of the Cognitivo Knowledge through which the individual constructs to know socially definite and articulated for the concepts of Hierarchies of the Learning. The theoretical boardings are based on two great thinkers, Piajet and Vygotsky, as well as in the conceptual analysis of Cesar Coll and its collaborators which had subsidized this reflection. We wait to collaborate with other professional alfabetizadores or that they act in the Infantile Education for bigger understanding of its paper of Educator and thus to improve the performance of its social function. Development the psicossocial paper in the acquisition of the reading. In this article we search to present the correlation between reading/orality and writing as firing pins of the linguistic knowledge in the cognitiva and social construction of the individuals.

Is observed more in the children since tenra age that its deductive cognitiva structure happens from its contact with the world? family? church school? seen the man one to be social and as such involved one in situations of learning, the laws of the associations, the memory and the influences, the experience on the act to know and to identify to the world that the fence. On the basis of this idea also we can observe some forms of learning that configure the human psiquismo: intelligence, the emotions and the will. According to COLL ' ' the mind is separate of the reality and reaches its creative power of synthesis or its capacity of integration to be able to congregate given of the external world received by the directions, in a mental map that it corresponds the reality exterior' ' (1979, p.308).