Interior Doors

By type of system and its functioning, the doors are divided into the usual swing and folding or sliding doors. Sliding doors are called door-coupe. They are used mainly in cases where necessary save space. Sliding partitions – the best option in this case. In addition, sliding interior doors are able to perfectly fit into any decor and give it special emphasis. Agree, they benefit differ from their counterparts not only to swing through the ability to increase the usable area of apartments or office. Sliding doors are more and more modern look, you can use them to create unique designs solutions.

For example, to decorate the room with sliding walls in the style of a Japanese house, or emphasize a minimalist interior. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Viking Range Corporation by clicking through. Italian masters have provided many options of doors to suit every taste. How do arranged sliding doors? By and large, this cloth or sash, which, while moving left or right on one line, open and close the door. However, their mechanism of action is different. In one case, they are clear inside the wall. But there is a simple method – when the door leaf opening door slides on the surface of the wall along it. This occurs when the slip increases by a special rail which is mounted on the floor. Sometimes instead of using the upper floor of rolling bearings.

In this case, the rails are fixed to the ceiling or the top of the door frame. Go to any sliding doors complete required not only the door leaf and a mechanism for slip, but the frame, different accessories, decorative plate, closing mechanism for razdvizheniya and simulated timber or package trims. The door leaf can be made from different materials. For example, from Solid wood, fiberboard or particleboard with veneer glued to their precious, glass. The glass is usually applied to some pattern, these doors look very unusual and stylish, and are relatively inexpensive.