Chief director "pad" Kazbek Dzudtagov long had the idea to put Chekhov's "Ivanov", despite the fact that this is one of those pieces that never tell anyone until the end was not clear. And though it was done many productions, reveal the deep meaning of the play as anyone and could not, Kazbek Dzudtagov yet ventured to undertake it, and I must say that it does not attempt proved fruitless. Good luck with the creative team were numerous. And this is connected with kind of aesthetic program "Rug". It was reflected in the project Kazbek Dzudtagova "Theatre on the eve of the 21st century," with which he participated in the contest announced by the Soros Open Society Institute.

Among the 630 heads of the Russian theater, the jury submitted their projects, he became one of the few that was awarded. A little artistic composition "pad" was one of the most able-bodied in the country. He played in a year three or four performances. The theater received a flattering offer to take part in prestigious festivals. Festival in the Stavropol Russian classics play "Ivanov" was very favorable reviews and guest organizers of this great forum theater. The fact that all the touring performances of "pad" were sold out, it is quite understandable. Professionals had heard about the theater: "pad" has frequently been the object of attention to the Moscow critics. On the pages of metropolitan newspapers and magazines prestigious theater articles have appeared on the creative team.

Naturally, as one of the new, curious phenomena of theatrical art of the country, he generated and oral legends. Speeches nalchan on tour, and it plays "Ivanov" by Anton Chekhov, "Monsieur Amilcar" Yves Zhammiaka "potassium cyanide" Jose Millan, "Doctor willy-nilly" by Jean Baptiste Moliere (all – in the production of Kazbek Dzudtagova), "Orchestra" by Jean Anouilh and "From Turkish Delight to rock 'n' Roll" (Vladimir Teuvazhukova direction) and "Our Decameron" Edvard Radzinsky, delivered Vyacheslav Tumanov, received wide publicity, attracted attention of the press, radio and television, but, more importantly, inspire colleagues and ordinary viewers. Each of the featured items was extremely serious in its conception and implementation of the method, not like other neither in style nor in genre, or disclosure by the features of images. Equally original and expressive was the director's decision and art (often ascetic) design shows. In the broad recognition of the "pad" has played an important role his repertoire. Over the years of the theater to its stage with great success were the performances "Orchestra" by J. Anouilh, "The Hunt for rhino" Gumilev, "The murder of Gonzaga" Jordanova N. "A Streetcar Named Desire" by T. Williams "Stars in the morning sky" L. Petrushevskaya and others. And in this great achievement not only the director and artistic director of the Kazbek Dzudtagova, but also brought them masters of dramatic art.