Javier Botero Alvarez

250 billion as a result of policy changes, as for example the quote of pensiones190 billion for the increase in contributions from health and a court ruling that put to teachers and administrators who work on contract, to earn in the same conditions as staff of plant or permanent. Read more: property taxes, of valuation and services, as well as the structural reinforcement of buildings or for people with disabilities. 10% Discount on tuition to students who financed elections, represented, for 2009, 18.4 billion. Some proposals to achieve and optimize resources to) search the project for reforming the system of oil royalties and mining, that 10% go to research b) reallocating resources from 4 per mil or tax to heritage for the public University c) declare the facilities of the public universities of stratum 1, i.e. heritage, to optimize payments of taxes and services.