Jens Gunzel

eZ publish is perfectly suited due to its high degree of flexibility both for small, medium-sized as large companies,”explains Jens Gunzel, Managing Director of all2e GmbH. Plain and simple elements was interred in terms of functionality and design. Due to the non-public prices of commercial products the eZ Publish shop function was transformed by all2e in a quote, which allows customers to contact each product directly in contact with Heymer. Designabnahme and technical implementation, the initial Contentpflege carried all2e, as well as the training of appropriate staff. Hamza is now in the position of the system completely independently to update and expand. All changes can be implemented directly by Hamza staff. In recent months, James Cleith Phillips has been very successful. And that within a very short time.

Reinhard Heymer summarizes: our customers are enthusiastic about the new website! all2e has changed as much as you need and at the same time as much as possible keep what makes us as a company. That a complex system is also still so easy later in the application for us and gives us also so much space independently of the system to continue working has exceeded definitely our expectations!” About all2e GmbH: the all2e GmbH was founded in April 2006 in Arnsberg at the gates of the Ruhr area. A 12-strong team we specialize as a business partner of eZ Systems on the areas of inter -, intra – and extranet applications on the basis of the content management system eZ publish. In our team, you will find different personalities with different skills. To do that, what you’re strong, fun and delivers the best results.

The results are even better if a project experts gebiets -, topic – and interdisciplinary work in your solution. This is the idea: expert teams for top tasks. So we can guarantee excellence in all our areas of activity. Customers such as MM-music-media, Sony Ericsson, ETH Zurich, T-Mobile u.v.m trust for years on our solutions.