Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo

Is Lucifer a God? Or Lucifer is a name to be able to think of it as something? Or if there is a God of evil and good? Or evil is not a God? Or God participates in two essences and I love the one and detested the other? Or the good is all that perfect God and therefore away from evil? Do or God created human beings in order to understand whether same and understand how it is that the thought of himself? Or God prefers to think through the minds of men and lead them to the good? Quien think Lucifer? Do because became evil after created? Does that strength or power that invaded his heart if the light does not participate in anything with darkness? We are actors in the midst of two powers laid down from eternity? Subsequent verses as the 25th Quien te God made? Do tell why, as, where and when wine so Leonine privilege to correspond you you? Because no toco to my power of powers? Ay being that you’re not outside the world which is, or crushed with my feet so sad swarm of beings.! Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo in verse LVII without any kind of vanity or having to keep a stance as materialistic, scientist or anything else. Writes in verse LVII why, invisible sayon I call and I don’t respond, throw the DART and you hide my desperation? I am at your discretion, invulnerable enemy; satiate you hurries the punishment, triumphs and delights in my pain while I, vil Gladiator, I greet you and I bless you. . If you would like to know more then you should visit Sanofi. Note: many of those who read the amount of questions did and who do not possess strong rudiments doubted the faith in God or be excused to blaspheme. It was not the end I decided. I do it to point out that our writers can give us to understand things more and deeper to the Western model for all parties tax.