Kaiser Wilhelm

You may want to buy a present that is not associated with music and musical geniuses of Austria. If you allow a trip to Vienna, wander through the main streets, take a close look at store windows. Over some of them you will see a sign kuk K? niglicher Hoflieferant. This means that the store carried supplies most Kaiser. Therefore, products from these stores will be a truly royal gift! Confectionery Gerstner – one of those "Royal suppliers." Visit her, drink coffee with a unique cake "Sacher," but at the same time, choose your box of chocolates and truffles made by hand. These candies eaten Kaiser Wilhelm himself. Agree that such a gift looks more elegant than sweets "Motsartkugeln.

Living in the Austrian capital, proud of their past and struggling to maintain ancient spirit of the city. In most restaurants you will envelop the atmosphere of the late xix century. Central city streets delight manicured mansions in the spirit of the time. Horses – loved animals, whose presence on the streets as natural as cars. You'll see the same number of a cab – the horses carts – as well as two centuries ago! Therefore, the actual gift may become a figure of a horse, more typical of the Austrian miniature horse lipitstsanskoy breed. Austrians are careful to its traditional heritage.

This applies not only to "transport", and handicrafts. Therefore, the romance went out and brought easily discover the Austrian national costumes and the practical things lovers rejoice in the beautiful rugs from the wool. Those who prefer the present and takes a proactive stance is likely to prefer an Austrian ski resort. How pleasant to ski under the bright winter sun, and in the evening – a beer, sitting in front of the fireplace in the hotel! A modern ski equipment, which can be bought in sporting stores, will be a splendid gift. If the road or heavy buying is not included in your plans, buy a little thing such as a ski cap or ski goggles. Or, focusing on a quiet evening after a busy day: ceramic mug with a metal lid venzelnoy well suited for this. Drink beer out of it quite interesting: you can not see when it end! 🙂 In Austria, you will see people walking with ski poles in their hands. No, they are not forgotten skis at home and not gone mad! It advocates nordic walking, in Russian translated as "Nordic walking". A popular view in Europe fitness, which "invented" by Finnish skiers. In the summer they were afraid of losing qualified, and therefore began to walk with ski poles. And the masses nordic walking penetrated due to benign load, provided on the arm muscles, which when running, and normal race walking virtually untapped. Do not consider the complexity and bring your friends stick for race walking. As a minimum, you lift them up! Trip to Austria can be an unforgettable event in the Your life. And brought out gifts help convey impressions. Listen for yourself. What most surprised you during the holiday? Where exactly did this happen? What are the feelings experienced? That's where you'll find their best gifts!