Knockout Blow

Have a well-delivered a knockout blow – the dream of every master of unarmed combat. Unfortunately, not all of them have this formidable attacking weapon, and not every trainer has an arsenal of relevant training facilities. Any accented stroke involves two phases. First, the initial – the so-called 'failure'. After working for this phase, you will be able to act in unexpected battle that is the decisive factor effectiveness of a knockout blow.

'Disruption' requires complete relaxation of muscles and a corresponding mental attitude, as if 'unwillingness' to beat – strike carried out on a subconscious level. For producing the initial phase recommended such an exercise. Blow to signal 'touch'. Athlete standing in a fighting stance and completely relaxed, cracking down on the bag or in the air, reacting to touch the partner standing behind. Touch can be to hand or foot at different points on the body, at different intervals is palpable jolts, then a light touch.

Receiving the signal, the students will 'explode' biting blow. Its mission – to minimize the time from touching partner to complete you- fist. Blow to the audio signal. Standing outside the purview of the athlete partner delivers conditioned sound signal (eg, cotton in his hands), in which the student makes blow. To increase the severity of the reaction is useful to change the nature of the signal (say, a sharp cry of 'Hey'), on what an athlete should respond. The problem of exercise – the same as that in the first case.