Kurbahu Kalina

Therefore, all the images of bridges on the euro banknotes are more or less highly alienated. However, the similarity of the first projects Kalina with real bridge motif was too pronounced, so that Kalina had to process images of bridges for the second time. This turned into Kurbaha distrustful Dresden bridge-builders. Now he believes that caught the Euro-designer on the trick: "I called Kalina twice, but he says there is no relationship to the actual bridge designs." Dresden professor of massive Structures felt compelled to deal with it, as an expert on bridges, traveler and scientist. "I know that Kalina scroll filmstrips on bridges," – says Courbet. However, one can not prove that the designer of them took the bridges, but the assumption at least can take place. Courbet found further similarities: "Kalina would have to be a French fan, as it was in France have the most stylistic images European bridges. " However, the criticism is completely alien to Kurbahu Kalina.

His findings were only a process of education at Dresden University. The idea is to show students and interested, as far as fascinating is the construction engineer. In addition, it is possible to conduct a strictly scientific study of history. Asking about the bridge construction, a professor finds: "Static played in bridge construction significant role only since 1500, since before the builders have built on the principle of trial and error '. However, according to Kurbahu, the architects could not be wrong so often, it was thought that even 3,000 years ago, builders of bridges were responsible for the collapse of its design.