Labrador Collector

The collector of labrador, also known as the labrador retriever, was developed by British cinofilos. The name of the race makes allusion to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada, because of there came the dogs that were used to give rise to the collector of labrador. Collectors of labrador are hunting dogs whose special ability is the collection, hence its name. The collection is the task of bringing the hunted part (dead or wounded prey) to where is the Hunter. In English dogs from collection is known by the generic term retriever, which means flow recuperator. The collector of labrador is a dog of medium, agile, strong and resistant, carving which can occur in three colours: yellow, black or chocolate (dark brown).

Their hanging ears and her sweet eyes, coupled with Naughty face that they have, confer them a friendly expression. The use that gives this breed has helped fix some of their physical characteristics, such as the hairy tail which serves as a rudder or waterproof coat, that help much when the dog has that charge in water. The psychological characteristics of these dogs have also been selected for obedient and hardworking animals. The great qualities of this breed have catapulted it as one of the most versatile and useful of all time dog breeds. Today used the bailiffs of labrador for many tasks in addition to hunting. Tasks such as search and rescue of lost people, animal-assisted therapy, the attendance of persons with special needs, the skills of dog obedience, agility, etc.

Of course, the farmers have also achieved a position privileged between pet dogs. The collector of the labrador personality tends to be very friendly and active. While it is easy to train breed and, generally, obedient, has so much energy that it may be difficult for some people. It is usually a very affectionate animal with dogs and people, allowing him to be an excellent pet.