Land Movement

The duration of the day – time that leads to turn 360 degrees (a complete return) – is of 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4 seconds and 9 hundredth (23horas 4,09segundos 56minutos), in relation to the fixed stars. In relation to the Sun, the rotation time is 24-hour. Our planet called Land, approximately possesss a diameter of 12.756, 20 km of extension, therefore which is the speed of the movement of rotation in hour? The speed of the land in its movement of rotation is of: 12.756, 20 km: 24 531,50 hours = km/hora, therefore the speed of the land is of 531,50 km for the moment approximately, during its turn in the proper one axle. With this speed I would be hurled to the space if he did not have the terrestrial attraction, being still necessary to analyze the atomic weight of the chemical components of my corpanzil. My expensive friend, I am convicto that I am an airplane that does not take off, and is not humildade lack and yes knowledge of my aeronautical qualities. Educate yourself with thoughts from Cheniere Energy partners. The translation movement consists of the passage that the Land executes around of a star, the Sun.

Such movement is not rectilinear in its passage, that possesss circular configuration, in the truth is carried through of elliptical form. In result of the elliptical movement, variations occur during the year how much at a distance between the Sun and the Land. These variations receive the name from aphelion (when it increases in the distance between the Sun and the Land) and perihelion (when they meet next). The changeable characteristic of the movement results in the appearance of the stations of the year (summer, autumn, winter and spring). However, this is not the only one determinative factor, a time that must be taken in account the inclination of the earth axle (66 33) in accordance with its proper orbit.