Late Love

And if you – a connoisseur of art and ready to decorate the walls are not just photos, but subjects of painting – bring a gift now. Few who were in Belarus, but was not (or does not regret that did not have time to visit) in the Bialowieza Forest. And everybody knows this song: Light crystal dawn light over the world standing up. I understand your age-old grief, Bialowieza Forest, Bialowieza Forest The song – a great excuse for another gift. After all, artists – Ensemble Pesnyary – also Belarusians, and a cd with music of this ensemble is especially delight older generation.

Good spirits – traditionally masculine gift! Vineyards in Belarus, no, but that's palatable and affordable fruit and berry wines with catchy names "Apple Honey", "Late Love and others here do. You can please men, and health, by the way, it is useful, if consumed in moderate quantities. But the traditional children's and women's gift – it's candy. Treat your child with sweets! There are a lot of sweets, and similar to native sweets "", and quite Belarus – , Bobruisk and the famous marshmallow – it's just an exclusive. Why Bobruisk? The fact that such marshmallows are made on Bobruisk plant "Red food technologist. Here believe that the marshmallows – exclusively Slavic treat. And it is worth noting that every year the plant increases the production of confectionery.

To complete the theme of "catering" gifts, it is worth mentioning how to visit Belarus cousin, sang the praises Belarusian scalded rye bread "Narochansky", "Traetsk" and "Yublyarny. She argues that such a delicious, fragrant and healthy bread, it has I had never seen. A Borisov, Minsk smoked and good sausage will be a perfect complement to red wine. By the way, you can remember right now, what flowers intertwined wreath on the emblem of the republic Belarus? Left – the flowers of clover on the right – flax. This is to ensure that the linen in the country really appreciated. Also, remember that: According to many scientists linen fabric, possibly the oldest in the world Flax – a cold cloth and warm rather weak Len perfectly blended with other fibers, but easily crumpled linen cloth so that the clothes made of linen for yourself, friends and her husband, fabric bags with embroidery, linen tablecloths and napkins decorated with traditional pattern, it is a real gift Belarus. Yes still so beautiful! You have time to go? Do not despair! Brought home not only the wonderful gifts, but also a surge of emotion, good mood. Smile! Because the sun is in every man!