Latin American Being

The emanated initiatives of the effort of observed planning to apartir of the decade of 1950 had represented for the state of the Bahia the inauguration planned dopadro of accumulation, that would go to permear the development econmicopuxado for the industrial sectors the state level. Assumidopelo fits to in general make one brief exposition concerning the character planning in elapsing of northeast recent history and dBahia in special. Our conception of planning excludes the estimated one of queeste has neutral character, or of> another form, revolutionary. Truth is not queas capitalist economies is inert to the planning, being this ineficazsobre the composition of the real product of these economies. Neither he is true to over all ocarter revolutionary that it is attributed to it by some theoretical chains, the Latin American estruturalismo. Oliveira places that emergnciade had noBrasil since the end of the decade of 1950 until middle decade of 1980 an accumulation standard ' ' ' planejado' , for opposition to the spontaneous one, deconduo and orientation of the activities econmicas' , and on the emergency destepadro he continues saying that ' the standard planejado' it is not, seno formatransformada of the social conflict, and its adoption for the State in its relacionamentocom the society is, before everything, a pointer of the daqueleconflito degree of tension, involving the diverse forces and the diverse economic, social agents and polticos' ' (OLIVEIRA, 1981, p.23). In such a way, the planning if places as being umaalternativa for neutralization of the social conflict, in the measure where it can fazeruma significant part of the income of the aggregate of the population return in the productive decapital form to be appropriate for the proper elites, but that, while talpossui well defined limits how much to the continuity of the expansion of the mercadosconsumidores, offers of man power and to the consequent necessity dere-inversion in machines and warranting equipment of the expansion daprodutividade and increasing complexificao of the production industrial, reconhecendoa agriculture capitalist of great transport as being also endowed decaractersticas industrials.