Latin American Social

The religious comfort provisioned by practical the religious ones reaffirms the infantile fancies of onipotncia and obtains its desire of negation of the death. For it, the Christian religions are one of the forms of the citizen to fill its catalogued emotional absences to the fear of the death, the morality, that the pulsional indifference determines of them, and to the unsatisfied sexual desires. As it, the religious ones is mentally ill, ilusoriamente looks for to improve its losses, as a form to give sensible for the life. More information is housed here: music downloads. But, Freud still adopts the religion, as a historical product of the precisions human beings, as one sublime, in such a way superior to any intelectiva capacity human being, for giving to procedure to the yearnings most intense of the man, becoming the world most acceptable and complete of if living. In this way it was not opposed to a patient religious, therefore according to it, it fits to the psychoanalyst to enclose which the paper that the religion plays in the psychic economy of the man. Music downloads often says this.

Rubem Alves (2005) guarantees that for the Latin American protestant thought the true reason of the social crises says respect to the moral sphere and spiritual, a time that is the decomposition of the sphere spiritual that generates the social crises. It is, over all in this direction that it needs to be seen the confrontation between the protestant missions and the Roman-catolicismo, therefore, in last analysis, for the great protestantismo the responsible one for the poverty, retrocession and social tyrannies it was the church Roman. The result of this meeting was the descaracterizao of the proper protestantismo, transforming it into anti-catolicismo. On behalf of its liberal ligame, it resigns to the Latin American culture and if it recommends the task of change of the society by means of the religion. In accordance with the thesis of Durkheim (1978) the religiosidade is coligada the collective, but one of the respectable aspects of modernity is the development of the individualism.