Leonel Brizola Silvio

Diverse the officers of high patent of the Forces Favorable armies the Fleet intended to take the advantage in the successory debate, also articulating through the threat of in addition the military unit, to create a fact consummated to the president, who continued in favor of the choice of general Figueiredo, but forbid any quarrel on the subject. As well as general Ernesto Geisel already it prepared general Joo Baptista Figueiredo to succeed it, the performance of of general Silvio Fleet to the front of the Ministry of the Army one became each more independent time in relation the lines of direction emanated for president, as he was demonstrated in ends of September of 1977 in the episode of the expulsion of the former-governor gaucho Leonel Brizola of Uruguay, where if found it met exiled together with since 1964 its family. Acting with much intelligence and shrewdness contacted for familiar of Brizola, Geisel arrived to admit its return to Brazil, since that it accepted to be confined in some place of the domestic territory. However, as well as it had its informers inside of the government without consulting the president, Silvio Fleet decided the opposite and determined immediately that III the Army dislocated troops who were subordinated it and that they were of its strict confidence, for the border with Uruguay in order to hinder the entrance of Brizola in the country. Its disobedience and the deep divergence of orientaes would cause great irritation in president Ernesto Geisel who also already was thinking about dismissing it of the position, however, in the following meeting of the High Command of the Army the Silvio minister Fleet would get the support of the majority of the generals of four stars having left it of hands tied at that moment without being able to make nothing. Everything led to at the beginning believe that of October, the candidacy of the minister of the Silvio army Fleet would gain force and the same withhold the initiative leading to be prepared for day 16 of month a joint interview of marshal Odlio Denis, August admiral Rademaker and Brigadier General Mrcio de Sousa and Melo former-ministers then in the reserve, who would come to reveal its support public its candidacy to the presidency of the Republic.