Light Impact On Health

“Research on the effect of light on the general state of health,” created a furor in the scientific community and may be a reason for the revision of the basic approaches to the prevention of the majority of the most common diseases. In his paper, Dr. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gregg Engles. Alex Carpenter and Viktor Desfelde clinic reabilitalogii Eisenhuettenstadt town in eastern Germany convincingly argue that if a person placed in natural light conditions, do not use We use smokeless candles and kerosene lamps. Our patients go to sleep then wake up and when they want whenever they want, being in such lighting conditions in which people were a hundred or more years ago, “Last decades, the scientific world has sounded the alarm, noting the catastrophic growth of the overall incidence of the epidemic of depression decreased immunity. Scientists have put forward different hypotheses to reduce immunity and increased susceptibility to disease from poor diet to global warming, but they do not work. Alex Carpenter: It seems that the regulatory mechanisms of the human species is broken, with what almost all the time. In order that this could happen to all the people at the same time had to act one factor, and we found that this factor is – artificial lighting “” It’s very simple.

All the body’s biological rhythms control hormones. In our brain there is pineal gland, which receives light and darkness. She says when we wake up, when to sleep, in fact the pineal gland – controls the allocation of key hormones of the body. Modern humans first turn off light, and then go to sleep, daylight does not vary depending on the change of seasons, and it is unnatural. The pineal gland is exhausted, and with it the resources are being depleted hormones the body, and violated all key processes in premature aging nem.Lyudi and more ill, “said another study author Viktor Desfelde: man of nature, we have formed in a certain mode of insolation.