Linux in the World

However, every year to keep the palm of Finnish telecommunication giant will become increasingly difficult, because in the computer world of Linux operating system has gained trust professionals as the most stable environment, and with increasing demand for mobile virusizatsii immunity against trojans and similar nasty things will be more and more. But we should not deceive ourselves. It is necessary to throw a few a critical look at the platform and understand why it is generally necessary. The most desired properties for the user of the operating system, be it a single file space, small tools, programs and complementarity formats, functionality, even with the awkwardness of the system, to date not been implemented in cell phones. What do we have in those products, which are represented in the Ukrainian mobile market? Without a doubt, these communicators of interest to business people connected to the world of high technology for creative people, for which the mobile device must be in the form and a graphical application for server administrators, well, for advanced users who do not digest completely phrase Microsoft Mobile. Interesting fact – a lot of users around the world.

The main consumer of mobile Linux products is China, and all around the world, there are about 9 million users. Analysts predict that within five years the number of handsets running the open source systems (such another name Linux) will amount to tens of millions. In Ukraine, from Linux-devices are presented in most smartphones Motorola: A1200, ROKR E2, ROKR E6, E895, E680, A910, and earlier models. You will also find a cot with an exotic name Grundig U900, also built on Linux. Samsung has a smartphone i819, a CDMA and GSM – it is also a Linux-device. In general, we can summarize that the mobile market is not as rich phones with support for Linux. Wide user has not understood the benefits of the system, so it does not make a sharp step in the new technologies. However, a strong marketing campaign around the the world must deliver results, and a couple of years Linux, perhaps, will become as popular as other operating systems.