Magic Brain Food

In this article I will provide a list of products, which are required to eat all those who frequently engaged in mental labor. All of these products easily available, and at any time of year and they are cheap. I warn you right away – there is not will be lobster, mussels, marzipan and other sandwiches for the working class. And only Beet and cabbage improves memory. In addition, these components are present in abundance in soups, which are in any student canteen. Conclusion – is for both cheeks, chewing thoroughly.

Orange – promote concentration. This fruit is easily accessible at any time of year. If you think that it's expensive – the next day get a job. Raisins and nuts-activated memory causes the body to tone. It is worth noting that are now sold whole sets containing raisins, nuts, dried apricots, and so on. There are all necessary.

Pumpkin seeds – half a cup of sunflower seeds are a necessary dose of zinc, which improves memory, and speeds up the brain. They are cheap and easily available. Eat packs. Tomatoes. Protect against dementia. Biting is not squeezed. Breakfast cereals and muesli. Great stuff. Need for energy. No comments. You can pour yogurt or milk. But check the labels on the boxes, since some of the breakfast is a large amount of salt and sugar. Also improves memory also contribute to the carrots, rice, buckwheat, chicken, egg yolks of birds and can be something else. That Do not skimp on the food!