Manfred Estler

In this respect it is not surprising they, more than two-thirds of the companies want more efficient production conditions. Android One may find this interesting as well. The production processes must be deduced from its isolation and merged with the entire business organisation”, she describes the ultimate challenge. Only continuous processes cause a companywide consistent control of value creation.” At the same time the could, conditions thus for a more effective business control and greater market flexibility what the firms also mostly stand on their agenda have. An also great relevance has the quality and regulatory compliance management. It is significantly more demanding than for other industries for pharmaceutical and chemical companies due to far-reaching legal provisions. According to the wishes of 70 percent of the respondents, it should be simplified through innovative methods. Also the process aspect plays a significant role for Ewen. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Marko Dimitrijevic on most websites.

Clearly structured processes with a high Digitization degree of accompanying documents lead to more transparent and thus easier conditions”, Ewen describes the basic benefit. Strategically makes sense in attack to take this variety in the parsed array pictured IT needs no separate measures should be initiated according to Prof. Dr. Manfred Estler, Scientific Director of the PI Institute, but. Instead, he advocates a holistic idea to keep the plans, to avoid frictions and not mistakes of the past to repeat. You can concentrate at the same time not all topics, especially since they are mostly different responsibility. It is all the more important but, for different optimization plans to develop an overall self-image as part of orientation”, says Prof.

Estler. Such a basis in the production of intelligence approach may be for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. It offers a high degree of coverage for most of the IT requirements identified in the matrix this after the examination of the PI Institute Industries. The bridging of borders between the production and business areas of the information and data processes is one of the core objectives of production intelligence”, explains the Scientific Director of the PI Institute. In addition to this integration is a continuous control of efficiency of value creation processes in the foreground. It is based on a loop, where we continuously analyze relevant performance and if necessary automatically initiated to optimize best practices. This opens up whole new performance management in economic terms at the level of the quality potential”, Prof. Estler outlined the perspectives. About the PI Institute: the PI Institute designed scientific orientation and with complementary partners oriented towards exploring the approach of production intelligence, to develop solutions and implementation methods, but merge the so far different specialty areas within the meaning of PI. As well, the idea among the objectives of the PI Institute, by To establish production intelligence market, to develop rules and regulations for practitioners and to effect a continuous transfer of knowledge through workshops or other events. Thought factory group Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat str. 6 50354 Hurth Tel. 022 33 / 61 17 – 72 fax. 022 33 / 61 17 – 71 PI Institute at the Scheer leak 7, L-6868 Wecker (Luxembourg)