Marcelo Ferreira

What say to the quantitative analyses and qualitative about the values of educational justice and equality of opportunities, its management and the distribution of the public good in Argentina? An approach to comparative studies of the education in different countries from the World; its financing, provision, the freedom of opportunities and assumed conceptions of equality in its systems. What place occupies the respect and the promotion of the DD.HH in the educative opportunities, and that ideas and concepts of equality underlie in the different models from present educative systems? Before the persistence of the concept of educative quality in the new Law. Brut 172 will not settle for partial explanations. What says and stops to express the new National Law of Education in the matter of justice, equality, fairness, inclusion and DD.HH.? What paper fulfills and as respect operates the Law of educative Financing educational Justice? What suggest others to us Latin American experiences? An approach to the case of the reform of the state of Parana, Brazil. The place of the democratic participation in the construction of the education law and its relation with the value justice. Seminary:Ecology and Human rights Ecology in the policy or for another policy? Environmental crisis or crisis civilizatoria? In charge of Luis Sabini 21 Thursdays from 19 to hs. Pun 480 – First stage – Office Free Chair of DDHH Not arancelado Extracurricular and. It will count on the presence of educational guests to approach some of the aspects that will treat: 1.

The modernization to galope Characteristic characteristics. Traditional modernization neocon or and its relation with the call 1 generation of human rights. The inclusive or incluyente modernization and its relation with the call 2 generation of human rights (and aspects of 3). The modernization flock therefore the classic difference between left and right or exist options to globocolonizadora modernization? Meeting points with the call 4 generation of human rights. 2. IIRSA (Initiative for South American Regional Integration) as case of analysis. Factory of Human rights from a sort perspective: Construction of proposals for the fulfillment of the human rights of the Women from the reason, the feeling and voice of the independent women In charge of Polished Nora Monday (hour to confirm), 4 meetings Pun 480 – First stage – Office Free Chair of DDHH Program in FM PALERMO: At noon o’clock, a space for the free thought, Conduction: Barefoot Andres. Secondly Saturday of the month, 12 to 13 hs. Accomplishment of a program of monthly radio in the space lead by Barefoot Andres in FM Palermo Coordination: Marcelo Ferreira 12 Saturdays from 11 to hs.