Martin Seligman

What are equally those single mothers who do the unspeakable to give them to their children the best education. Young people who lead prevention message to their peers so that they do not fall into the drug habit; How is it that doctor that cares not only for the health of their patients but have a phrase of encouragement for this. The person who donates their blood or any organ in your body to save the life of a stranger. But what makes difference a common person of a hero? well well! the difference is the way of thinking, attitudes but mostly in the decisions it takes. While some never cease to fight for what they want, nor surrender when terrible or unfortunate situations happen them, others we spent complaining and victimise us like a wounded animal that licks his wounds. It is not that it is a weakness to complain from time to time, nor is it cry when we are sad, distressed and alone. It is understand that express what we feel is not enough we have to get up in search for solutions to take control of our actions.

This quality, without place doubt is what makes Paul different. Probably at the time I cry, she is upset with God and even thought – probably – in desist, ever however I can stand the onslaught of life and ideo a plan to succeed. It established its priorities, she sought professional help, he called to his friends when he felt faint and his situation improved greatly because it managed to regain control of his will. Another virtue which distinguishes a hero is that he finds time to help others, despite his unfortunate circumstance. Martin Seligman, one of the precursors of the positive psychology, exposes people to feel sad and shot only – when – think about its own problems, when they believe that they are the only ones who suffer as opposed to those who are concerned about what happens to the others.

This psychologist recommends that to decrease the symptoms of depression it is necessary to establish a list of priorities that include bring to the lives of others. Why you call to fight in life as if it were a great warrior waging major battles. The enemies powerful you have surely are your own thoughts of defeat; that voice inside you that says you do not you can. But not lend him attention remember that you are the hero of your own life and that of others to your around. Positively asserts I can achieve this and I guidence. You set the task of helping others without expecting anything in return. Surely for someone you’ll be the hero that will change your life story. I assure you that then you can write them in your own book’s pages, where are reflected the heroic exploits of your legend. Live life with enthusiasm that will give you the inspiration to achieve any project that you propose. This is the shelter that will allow you to fight the battles that supposes the existence and that will give you the opportunity to be a hero like Aquileo. Original author and source of the article