Max Karagoz

Time to link up yet Organizations such as the German American Business Chamber are more business-oriented than the clubs. It works as a non-governmental non-profit organization and supports business and trade between the United States and Germany. Thus, it can be a more interesting location for German entrepreneurs in the United States. Who want to make easy the thing with first base contacts, can build on the consultancy in ALTON LLC. We offer this advice in addition to our company’s founder service, because we know that the first steps of a good networking in the United States cost some time and dedication “, says Max Karagoz.

And so, Alton LLC cares about many things related to building a corporate headquarters in the United States. Alton LLC for example, seeking suitable office space, takes care of the facilities of the Office according to customers wishes and takes over the search and selection of suitable employees if necessary, and after consultation. So time to operate an intensive development of contacts, while the new US businessman remains in the Background is organized everything necessary for him. To support Alton LLC offers with its consulting service on request a round to support the the contractor not to the time relieved, but also actively contributes to the networking of his company. We know where we need to start in Florida, finding good suppliers or distributors for our customers “, says Max Karagoz. We have now a dense network of contacts, which is useful to us in taking care of our customers “.” Alton LLC customer proximity is very important. (Not to be confused with hybrid bikes!). Only when we recognize the needs of newly arrived German entrepreneurs in the United States and ideally meet, we are really good, Max Karagoz continues. He is right.