MDF Materials

The structure of the laminate flooring panels on the market, there are 4 main types of natural wood coatings: – laminated flooring (laminate) – laminated parquet – parquet solid board ("array" or "solid wood") – parquet. Laminated flooring is a kind of layer cake, each layer is made of certain materials and perform its particular function. AND Although the number of layers and materials from different manufacturers may differ fundamentally multi-layer structure remains unchanged. 1. The upper protective layer (overlay) is a high strength film of melamine or acrylic resin with various additives. This is part of the coating layer and multilayer – composite. The top layer bears a crucial function of protecting the decorative layer from external influences. It is this layer provides durability laminate flooring, providing its abrasion resistance, light resistance, mechanical strength and heat resistance.

This layer, in practice, makes laminate floors insensitive as shock and pressure feet of heavy furniture, and a burning cigarette. 2. The decorative layer is specially treated and impregnated paper or furniture foils imitating wood or the texture and color other materials such as diamond, sand, white stones, graphite, and rusty iron and many other materials. The decorative layer is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. To improve the protective properties between paper-based and transparent protective layer is applied to the crystal layer symmetrically oriented particles of aluminum dioxide. 3. The basis is mainly used in wood fiber and wood particle boards (but much less). Fibreboard can be used by different densities – HDF or MDF.

HDF – a slab of high density (up to 1050 kg / cu.m.), And MDF – medium density (800 kg / cu.m.). It should be noted that experiments on the use of MDF as a basis for floor covering long left – too flimsy material. The main qualities of wood-fiber board – strong, rigid, unchanging geometric parameters and the ability to resist moisture.