The prescription report 2013 shows an increase of medicines in the statutory health insurance to 2.6 percent although carried out adjustments to European standards, German patent medicines are still expensive but in comparison to Europe. However, are the editors of immunotherapy reports 2013, Ulrich Schwabe and Dieter Paffrath, the legal manufacturer discount as well as the price freeze for medicines without fixed amount have an important stabilizing influence on pharmaceutical expenditures of the statutory health insurance (statutory health insurance). But what is the report of our health? Already since the year 1985, the development of contract medical outpatient regulations is analyzed in the report. As the indispensable standard work, the Arzneimittelverordnungs report in health economics and policy enjoys high recognition. Across Europe, there is up to now no comparable publication. Also for the practicing physician the report is valuable, since he as a decision-making aid for a regulation to provides therapeutic and economic point of view. Also impact the AMNOG (pharmaceutical market restructuring law) are found in this year’s Edition.

So, it should be noted that the benefit assessment is progressing rapidly in the second year after the entry into force of the Act. So far, 48 new substances had been assessed by the JCC (joint Federal Committee). As a result, savings can be achieved by 120 million euro. Of course, this could be considered only as early as the AMNOG identified 2 billion euro savings target. The calculated potential savings that has been determined by the editors with the help of national and international price comparisons, amounted to 3.7 billion euros. To exactly what are the benefits of the prescription report? For each insured person, a sum of X available is to health care. If you get less money in the supply of medicines, is logically more money for investigations or treatments.

This is the end of course the insured good. Due to high surpluses in the past two years, some statutory health insurance are already for the second time in the position to pay a bonus to its members. It remains to be seen where the development is still going. New indicator innovation performance”of the EU (European Union) measures the extent to which the ideas from innovative sectors themselves market, create more challenging jobs and make Europe more competitive. This is a leader of Germany in innovation performance in Europe. In international comparison, the EU is tied with the United States with their innovation performance. The worldwide top go to the Switzerland and Japan. With this adopted innovation, one can expect a lot but certainly also in the sector of medicine. The post “the prescription report 2013 shows an increase of medicines in the statutory health insurance to 2.6 percent” has worked previously with the facts and figures targeted in this press release. He found his First published on the public health portal. Barbara Reisen E.k.