Michael Karp – Can You Fly

You can fly the new single by Michael Karp – “Can you fly?” is the new PopSchlager by Michael Karp, who is been sung in its own production with the WetCat Studio Jorg Lamster in Uslar. With his distinctive voice, he brings us closer the desire for togetherness. This should succeed him but with the present title. Biography: “I want to be pop singer!”. This answered anyone who asked him about his career MICHAEL KARP as a young boy. At that time, heard the song “Only love lets us life” by Mary Ross of nine years and knew: “I want that too!”. Learn more about this topic with the insights from James Madison. Today, he is large and could fulfill this dream due to his natural ambition.

The friendly singer at a talent Revue, with which he was for many years on tour gained his first experience on the stage. He can access a routine in show business now by the many public appearances. in 1989, he published the title “Tears are lost” under the pseudonym Dustin Berger. At this time, the Wuppertal met also Olaf Henning, He shortly thereafter created the “Bohemia rap” with uncertain made the discotheques, Rhine and Ruhr. But MICHAEL KARP felt more drawn to classic hits. He trod this path with his first solo single “A new dimension”. It followed the German cover version of the world hit “American Pie”, which he finally opened the doors to the broadcasting stations of the country as a whole. It was followed by titles such as “Only You – just your clown”, with which he stormed the national Diskothekencharts or a song “Heart is not lying to”, was also to find any radio – playlist. Source: Bersoli more information: and