Middle Ages

Do not dream? Or suddenly, by some miraculous way, the time machine has transferred you to the Middle Ages? It seems that just about this bridge, you will hear the tramp of horses and a knight in armor dazzling break the silence of sleep! Or It is from this door, under the guise of whimsical bronze depicting a delicious loaf of bread look out middle-aged, fresh-faced baker and invite you to try baking it you look along the sides, but the illusion does not disappear. What could cause this error? The answer is surprisingly simple – you were in Lviv. Get all the facts and insights with music downloads, another great source of information. In a city where a surprising pattern of mixed architectural traditions of different epochs, where peace and harmony coexist different religions: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Judaism, and different cultures: Polish and Ukrainian, where modernity is so harmoniously intertwined in the past, that becomes its extension – the city continues to live their own, very special, but has a new life Well, tours are over, all the streets you proceed, memorable places – inspected, and now you're sitting at a window in a cozy cafe, and finishing his last, strong and fragrant " Kawi" agonizingly ponder on one single issue: what to bring here this to please all family and friends? It would be good to please yourself, and something useful to get surprised After all, someone in our time, especially colleagues, some of which spend their days much-anticipated vacation in the African savannah, hunting elephants or rafting kayaking on the Amazon – a task that at first glance, it is impossible. .