Modern Sports Bar

Sports bar appeared in Russia in 1994 and immediately gained a rabid popularity. You bet – sports bar – the only place to watch football in the company of fans, drink beer, pour out the emotions and behave as you want, do not distracted by the demands of his wife to make a sound so loud TV. Interest in sports bar regulars depends on national circumstances, but in all countries the most popular sport – soccer. In Russian schools the main airtime is broadcasting football in the bar after the game at second in the championship of Formula 1 racing, hockey, tennis, billiards, boxing. In winter, the palm holding the World Cup Biathlon – exciting and dynamic show, which alone look just does not make sense. Sports bar may be a normal pub, where a TV tuned to a sports channel, and maybe a concept bar, whose interior is performed in an appropriate sports-style, usually reflecting the preferences of the owner institution – or in shades of green, symbolizing the football field or in the checkered and red colors, which may suggest that in this bar gather fans of Formula 1. According to statistics, sports bars, "inhabited by" 70% of the fans, the remaining 30% – these are people who live nearby or have come for other services provided by such institutions – disco, karaoke, billiards and more.

As a rule, the fans are coming soon company, so booking tables in day responsible Match – a common occurrence. Intense competition makes the sports bar to invent different ways to attract clients. Some extend to the level of the network of inexpensive places to drink beer and watch football, while others attract guests staff by recruiting beautiful slender long-legged girls and dressing them in appropriate clothing, which opens the seductive forms, and others are transforming their institution, transforming the institution in the sports bar during the show exciting sporting events, in the afternoon – in a cafe with wi-fi, or a restaurant. Hot trends in this market segment – plasma screens or projectors. Such equipment is worth about 3-5 thousand euros, but this amount is paid off quickly, because in the days of the broadcasts of matches, when the bar is packed to overflowing visitors the price of drinks increases up to a half to two times or increase the price of entry if the original entry fee. In any case, always thank the guest institution for providing quality service, satisfaction of all his needs and whims, and become a regular customer.