Modern Technology Metal Castings

The modern technology of production of metal castings for models Vladimir Doroshenko Physical and Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NASU, Kiev Over 75% of metal castings obtained using sand molds that when casting the metal in them emit gases, mostly consisting of products of combustion and evaporation of foundry sand binders. Entrepreneurs do not know much about clean technology obtain metal castings precision and complexity – casting models, plastic foam, which is called cast on gasified models (LGM), English name of LGM – Lost Foam Casting Process literally means the process of casting the loss of foam implying the use of styrofoam model. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sonny Perdue has to say. Meanwhile, in the 50 years since its inception, the annual production of castings in the world in this way has reached 1.5 million tons. In fact the most accurate foundry casting was prepared by models of single use. If you are cast in sand molds used disposable form, but now it's time to disposable foam models. They are similar to the packaging for the TV, which massively stamp on machines. On roughly the same technology is made from foam model for casting metal.

For a series of castings, such models produce polystyrene beads blowing into aluminum molds (many-to small-scale models) followed by foaming and sintering of pellets by heating the mold for a few minutes to about 130 C. Aluminum molds can produce precise casting, but more often it is done by machining. By press-forms You can make a thousand or more foam models.