Moses Bory

That promise to make sellers in the slightest dissatisfaction with the customer? Some promise to refund even after 100 years, the other a double return, others promised to come and sing the song of Moses Bory 3:00 a row:) Match your capabilities and will put his unique offer to make you, if your product has not brought benefits to the client and keep in mind that requests a refund, you will abound, but not so thorough and much Component # 4. Subjective audio customer reviews your good intentions and a healthy doing to help people to be confirmed by other people who have already tested your product or service Do not start self-writing ‘fake’ reviews, supposedly from your satisfied customers! All this is very very noticeable! And the slightest doubt about the veracity of these reviews can ever frighten visitors: (Solution: Find the most visited forum on your product. Suggest your product forum users for free in exchange for a review of it And the feedback should not only be in text form, but in the audio …component # 5. Streaming video message Closes on parade today multimedia streaming video message this element mini website is simply to finish off your potential customers! He must fight off the latest manifestation of the visitor skepticism and urge him to action, that is an order to commit a solution: grab a video camera (can be a digital camera) and record your unique message. Tell the visitor that he had nothing to worry about that Your warranty is valid and that he probably took the right decision! Well, well, that’s probably it. Only one thing I would ask you all the same: do not overdo it! Neither the size nor the number! Because our communication line is not fully adapted to such multimedia elements – Free delivery on video authoring on the use and implementation of multimedia technologies in the information business online Internet regardless of the chosen niche! ..