Motorola Mobility

The giant of Internet tries to increase the value of its movable platform. Motorola Mobility will work like separated company of Android. The actions of Google fell a 2.8% after knowing the news. Google has announced the purchase of the movable division of Motorola by 12,500 million dollars, about 8,743 million Euros. With this acquisition, the giant of Internet tries to give already still more potential to its successful operating system for smartphones Android. The company has informed into which Motorola Mobility will work as a license of Android and will continue being a separated business of its movable platform. The movement tries to reinforce the ecosystem of Android facing the increasing competition in the market of the intelligent movable telephony.

Among others advantages, Google obtains with this agreement a series of valuable patents. For even more analysis, hear from Jack Fusco. " The total commitment of Motorola Mobility with the Android technology has created a natural arrangement for our two compaas" , according to the official notice of the main executive of Google, Larry Page. The combination of both companies will create, according to Page, " amazing experiences for the users who will load all the ecosystem of Android for benefit of the consumers, partners and tcnicos". The supply of 40 dollars by action supposes a prize of a 63% against the price of closing of Motorola Mobility of Friday in stock-market of New York. The actions of Google fell a 2.8% after the news in the previous operations to the opening of the market, whereas those of Motorola Mobility a 59% climbed. It is hoped that the transaction is completed at the end of 2011 or, like very behind schedule, 2012 principles. Source of the news: Google acquires Motorola Mobility by more than 8,700 million Euros