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By | April 20, 2013

Although the majority of Hispanics are concentrated in nine States Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York and Texas, the rest are scattered throughout the territory, says Mark Hugo Lopez, associate director of the Pew Hispanic in Washington DC Center. The more rapid growth of the Hispanic population has taken place in the South, where industrial expansion and the housing boom attracted immigrants in search of work. States such as Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and the South and Georgia saw as its Hispanic population (virtually) was doubled in the last decade, says Lopez. Georgia is now the 10th State in the country’s Hispanic population. Between the years 2000 and 2009 Hispanics born in the United States have meant that 70% of the increase in the Hispanic population according to Pew Hispanic Center analysis. Says the source also, the rapid growth of the Hispanic community is both a blessing and a curse for the business world, which observes as the Hispanic market grows, but however it becomes so large and diverse that it is difficult to cover.

Hispanics come from over 20 different countries and habits very diverse in terms of power, way of talking or celebrate their festivals. They also vary greatly in age, income, level of education or access to housing on property added us, that the growth of the Hispanic population in the last decade has been positive for the economy, especially in those areas of the country that have lost population, explains the Professor of real estate assets of Wharton Fernando Ferreira. Involves more people, more demand for housing, more growth, he says pointing out that if latinos migrate to more sparsely populated areas, they could make up housing prices by increasing their demand. Unlike some European countries that are losing population, United States the population figures remain more or less constant thanks to the growth of the community Hispanic.

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