New Technology Part Two

After the commercial break, we again to the promotion of sites. In my opinion, I am available to explain the methods of promotion of sites remained unchanged, and new technologies appeared. As earlier he had more options and heavier on your site and now, the more options the better. Well, let's say I monitors progress boards slando, two thousand and ninth year, they had more than three hundred and fifty links going to their website. Explain more lucidly, slando – good, well unwound bulletin board, which comes every day hundreds of thousands of people in search ads, or the desire to place their ads. Now, you want to promote a message board so that it slando left far behind, ok not far behind, and At least close to it.

I am as a person remotely versed in marketing, saying that at least slando for promotion on the Internet goes five hundred thousand rubles a month. Where I got these figures, guess who wants to argue, write, I'll answer data from authoritative sources. Well, now you want us to withdraw your site ahead slando, only twenty-five thousand rubles a month, during three months, well, if you get a positive answer, then you will spend seventy-five thousand rubles, and not even get to first place. The laws of physics has not been canceled. And the law of commodity – money – commodity, even more so. What a greedy pays twice, known to all. But anyone, even a student, a marketer will tell you that if you spend sobiretes marketing campaign, and you have a shortage of drugs and money, it's better marketing campaign and not to start. And again, to new technologies promotion.

Yes, compared to two thousand fifth year, there were tools that help you unwind more profitable sites. This new software equipment, and new services, such as social networking and social bookmarks. New ideas are constantly emerging, they only need to use correctly. And how, learn how to use new technologies? First, you need to understand what is needed site promotion. Do you want to promote your business, sell your products, or simply you want to do business on internet advertising. All these areas are different budgets, but the methods are identical, so that the promotion of web sites are starting first with ourselves, and then turn to the technologies, which are enough written on the Internet.