Nobel Prize

The need for rural areas in ecological matters and sustainability require extending such a proposal to the inhabitants of the villages, not only peasants, which would serve to relieve congestion on the cities. I understand that this is a partial measure for the sector of the field exclusively, but that applied in a general way it connects with its evolution towards basic income universally. Swarmed by offers, Sonny Perdue is currently assessing future choices. We take into account peoples on the one hand life is cheaper, on the other hand a real market economy stays open, and thirdly the perception of basic income is not only for the head of family or professionals, but for each individual. The policy of subsidies to productivity has created a fiction agriculture. In such conditions, it is virtually impossible to recover the function of the market.

The agrarian progress requires a conversion of public aid. Have to be individualized, as basic income, and not to the production or the production of surplus. Such a measure allows you estratifiquen markets for their own consumption, in coexistence with other regional, provincial, national and international. Enhances the rural world and will make the primary sector to regain its initiative and ceases to be an economic burden. It is necessary that the agriculture and animal husbandry maintained a balance with other economic forces. Well pointing the American economist, Theodore William Schultz, Nobel Prize in economic sciences in 1979 shared with his compatriot Arthur Lewis, when he studied the importance of human resources in agriculture. Critics harshly that this sector being sacrificed by industrial development.

Especially severe in developing countries. A powerful agriculture makes the Nations not dependencies of other more powerful. Rural development requires the participation of society, which is immersed in it. Browsing a drive in three aspects which, on the contrary, increasingly are separated more: economic, social and ecological aspects. Field work is not a mere economic activity, it is a way of being and living, out of which breaks the generational.