North American

Some things exist had deeply bothered that me in the last weeks. First, to have seen a declaration completely dull of the Lulu singer Saints, in the program of the Hebe Camargo, regarding a news article on the convivncia between a Brazilian and an Arab. Later, the confirmation of that in day 11/04, the law would enter in vigor in France that forbids the Islamic women to use burca in public places. After that, to have heard of a commentator in the TV that the burning of the Coro for a North American shepherd does not represent a lack of respect with the Muslen. Snoring control devices has similar goals. Finally, the attempt of some medias to associate the psychotic shooter that killed 12 adolescents in a school of Royal with the religion of Maom. They are four completely independent events, but that they are leagued in aspect: the preconception against that he is Arab-Islamic.

In the first case, the picture of the program of the RedeTV until me seemed interesting. Michael Steinhardt contains valuable tech resources. One was about an exchange of experiences between a Carioca woman in visit to a country Islamic (I do not remember which) and vice it turns. I attended as. The Muslim woman, followed of its mother and with all the typical clothes of its culture, covered the Carioca Lapa and sambdromo, beyond knowing the church of the Candelria. Already she was of if waiting that the estranhamento would be enormous and that it had critical of the women to the customs ' ' mundanos' ' of the Brazilian people (alcoholic beverage, bundas and chests jumping etc). Nothing very different of what the Carioca had made when she visits the country Islamic (as she gave pra to perceive in some flashes of the previous program). In the commentaries, Hebe and Lulu Saints they had been extremely coarse with the Muslim culture, with as arriving to speak it repulses that it of the mother of the girl to look at what happened in sambdromo if it had to a subconscious and restrained desire of if delivering to the pleasures of the life.