Northern Europe

Forced ventilation in the room gives the necessary volume of air per hour. The air filters should be cleaned and winter is heated to the desired temperature. As is the case with floor heating, heaters may be water or electric. Cool air in summer can occur in the heat exchanger, part of the ventilation system or air conditioning in each room. Typically, ventilation system has a control unit and is connected with smart home a limited number of signals. The main parameters of the system (temperature and air flow) are put in the time start-up and usually do not change. To know more about this subject visit Costco. With ventilation situation is somewhat different. Sometimes it makes sense to implement control algorithms and integrating them with a system of smart home.

The standard example of any 'intellectual' the apartment is the inclusion of light and exhaust fan in bathrooms, on a motion sensor, as well as extract the maximum power in the smoking room and the kitchen with the air quality sensor is triggered. Conditioning (Cool first) Ideally, air conditioning only works in the hottest time of year, and switched off when the temperature outside 'calls' to include heating ventilation systems. Eye-opener for the hosts tend to become bulky wall control panels with air conditioning, dissonant with any proposed Wiring designer series. So make sure that the system designers put into the Smart Home project Thermostats with special buttons and control units for air conditioners. Unusual for a Russian alternative to air conditioners has recently become who came from Northern Europe to the idea of cooling ceiling panel. General principle is the same as that of warm water floor, only the coils are bred on the ceiling and the water they use a temperature of about +15 C. All this does not make noise, not blowing and not much burden on your pocket bills. Strains only the idea of the circulation of water over his head.