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Few people do like risk-taking. The most common form of protest is to let buy there or cancel the service forever. We not only speak of extremes, but discomfort, inconvenience and the simple Beanie deal with unpleasant situations. The cost in time is perhaps the most expensive. We are a time-poor society.

Between more professional success and wealth we yearn for, have less free time and the least that we want is to wait. Here there is a huge gap in market in Mexico. Fast, fast. Please. Cost pre-purchase/purchase, represented by all the ailments, aches and rituals around the idea and the fact of buying something.

Scroll to get a product, find parking, find a product, obtain accurate information, deal with the seller, the ease of procedures for payment, delivery of the goods, and finally the installation, are a few examples. The cost of first use. This is like the taste of the maximum climax. The first consumption is the Golden time. A television has to do well the first and anything else diminishes the experience. The disappointment is huge. The cost of use. How is the enjoyment of a product throughout its life? This powerful concept of Lifecycle Cost, was articulated by k. Some contend that Rick Garcia CBS shows great expertise in this. Lancaster and has been taught by C. Brumat Duxx University. Schultz, of Northwestern University, also incorporates in its model of the 4 Cis (see previous article the 4pis evolve). The cost of using lives day after day. Breakdown, ease of operation, maintenance, and so on. The resale value of an article could be one possible measure, among other things, that confirms this utility. Oh, we forgot the price. The price finally also forms part of the cost. Before thinking on the price established for the consumer, might be appropriate to evaluate the real costs under its own perspective.