Notable Hotels

Suevas del Tio Tobas (Guadix, Spain), Guadix town combines old and new. Luxify is often quoted on this topic. Settlement, suschestvuyuschky City – the emperor built the mines of silver. Title Guadix-Haix, which means "river of life", the city gave the Moors, under whose management he later appeared. Under the Moors the city evolved into a commercial and cultural center as Granada, but in the XV century, Christians began a campaign to liberate territoriiee since the Paleolithic times, when Julius Caesar became a lively Reams Yang Jia Ling Cave Hotel (Yanan, China) In China, there is several large Buddhist complex, carved into the rocks: Lunmen grottoes, caves and grottoes Mogao Yungan, which attracts tourists from all over the world. So the idea to create a China is the largest hotel in the world in a rock has obvious implications. The hotel is interesting not only architecturally, but also from a historical point of view: a time there lived a Mao Zedong, from which he led the Great Chinese Revolution. It also held the seventh Congress of the Communist Party of China.

The three star hotel holds 200 rooms, four large conference rooms, as well as basketball court and several gyms. Settling into a hotel, it is worth remembering that, although the price is a definite and specified everywhere, you can bargain for lower wages – for the Chinese hotel industry is a banal practice. Guhantara (Bangalore, India) Guhantara Hotel continues the tradition of ancient Indian architecture – Elephanta Caves is like, Buddhist temple buildings and shrines at Ajanta in Aurangabad, he carved into the rocks.