Nuclear Turn

The Prague was the city that more voted by the Communists when culminating II the World war. There Obama filled a place with a speech (and in English) postulating that its country, that was the unique one in to have exploded a nuclear bomb and that is the one that more of those arms it owns, would begin to look for to gradually go to reduce to the maximum or in its totality all the atomic arsenal of the planet. According to the new White House already he is irrelevant to continue accumulating those arms then no longer is a war between powers. For Obama the main risk is in which terrorist groups (as To the Qaeda they are equipped with nuclear weapons) and that they could explode these in any metropolis. His I raise is to request world-wide a unique front with Russia and China to be eliminating this type of arsenals and to control that the technology to develop to them is stopped and reverted. He hardly requested it North Korea sent a missile to the space like via showing force and negotiating concessions in the future peace accord.

While Iran ahead follows with its programs of energy Israel atomics somebody finishes naming like new chancellor to who recently insinuated to transform to Gaza into the Hiroshima or Nakasaki. A world without nuclear weapons continues being a beautiful desire that hardly will be able to be completed. Isaac Bigio is an international analyst. It writes for tens of means in 5 continents. It has received ranks and postgraduates in History and Economic Policy in London School of Economics & Political Sciences. In this one, considered the main specialized international university in social sciences, he also has taught to political sciences and public administration. Original author and source of the article.