Organization Values

Taking this into account we could perfectly assess the racism in Germany nazi, as a value and not as an anti-value. Obviously there is no consistency between the term and the result. If we see it from the point of view of the negative and positive values we can now say that effectively for Nazi Germans racism and xenophobia was a value, even they could it be considered positive but for the rest of the world was a negative value or an anti-value. Therefore define the personal values as: quality humans possess considered by them as necessary and valuable and can be judged by others as positive or negative according to their interests. Without hesitation Jerry Dias explained all about the problem. Starting from this definition we have that in an organization there may be a variety of personal values and of them the shared values of the Organization and that it depends on are formed of leaders transforming or training of the values desired by the Organization to carry out more efficiently and effectively of the same objectives. So you will understand better, in any organization in the world they want as shared values honesty, sense of belonging and loyalty however not always these values are present in all the members by what is necessary to maintain a good line in terms of the formation of these values to prevent mergers with already existing damage to. Therefore attaches great importance to the values in the formation and consolidation of the organizational culture, let us show an example. In a company founded at the beginning of the last century, where the staff turnover has been very low, where it maintains a narrow linking with the retired workers, where the address of the company remains virtually unchanged, where the main source of employment is still the same since the beginning, insurance in that entity the organizational culture is very consolidated what does not mean that everything is going well, to the otherwise this is very dangerous for an entity.