Overseas Property

Contents of a property in Turkey before buying real estate in any country, it is necessary to evaluate all subsequent costs – including maintenance and purchased property. And Turkey is no exception. "Buying a house or apartments in Turkey you must pay tax on the purchase – says Christina Tuzova, the company EstateService – which amounts to 3% of the appraised value of your chosen property in Turkey. Besides, remember the cost of design – which is around 500 euros (notary, translator. Submission of documents, etc. Please visit Dollar General if you seek more information. "In addition, about $ 230 worth obtaining residence permits required to purchase a house or apartment in Turkey. But in addition to taxes paid by buying property in Turkey, it is necessary to mention the contents of a villa or home in Turkey after the purchase. Annual real estate tax is 0,3% of the appraised value of the property (house, villa, apartment – there is no difference in taxes).

Ie buying an apartment, with the official estimate of 50 000 Euros in Turkey, you will need a tax to pay annually a total of 150 Euro. In addition to paying taxes and utility costs, the amount varies depending on the complex, where you buy property in Turkey and on – this apartment or house. The average figure the cost of utilities is only 500 – 600 Euro per year. Choosing a property in Spain for what would buy a property in Ispaniiummy at what most agencies, declaring, among other of its services and selling real estate in Spain "and offer you the possibility of a mortgage loan.