Light Impact On Health

By | May 27, 2017

“Research on the effect of light on the general state of health,” created a furor in the scientific community and may be a reason for the revision of the basic approaches to the prevention of the majority of the most common diseases. In his paper, Dr. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gregg Engles. Alex Carpenter and Viktor Desfelde clinic reabilitalogii Eisenhuettenstadt town in eastern Germany convincingly argue that if a person placed in natural light conditions, do not use We use smokeless candles and kerosene lamps. Our patients go to sleep then wake up and when they want whenever they want, being in such lighting conditions in which people were a hundred or more years ago, “Last decades, the scientific world has sounded the alarm, noting the catastrophic growth of the overall incidence of the epidemic of depression decreased immunity. Scientists have put forward different hypotheses to reduce immunity and increased susceptibility to disease from poor diet to global warming, but they do not work. Alex Carpenter: It seems that the regulatory mechanisms of the human species is broken, with what almost all the time. In order that this could happen to all the people at the same time had to act one factor, and we found that this factor is – artificial lighting “” It’s very simple.

All the body’s biological rhythms control hormones. In our brain there is pineal gland, which receives light and darkness. She says when we wake up, when to sleep, in fact the pineal gland – controls the allocation of key hormones of the body. Modern humans first turn off light, and then go to sleep, daylight does not vary depending on the change of seasons, and it is unnatural. The pineal gland is exhausted, and with it the resources are being depleted hormones the body, and violated all key processes in premature aging nem.Lyudi and more ill, “said another study author Viktor Desfelde: man of nature, we have formed in a certain mode of insolation.

Dark Rift

By | May 22, 2017

No any special forces in the galactic plane or the galactic center. The only important forces affecting the Earth, are the gravity of the Sun and the Moon. With respect to the influence of the galactic plane, there is nothing special about the location of Earth in this plane. The last time Earth was in the galactic plane a few million years ago. The statements that we will soon cross the galactic plane, false. 13. I am apprehensive of the fact that the Earth will enter the Dark Rift (Dark Rift) in the Milky Way.

Where are we? Did he swallow the Earth? 'The Dark Rift' – this is known (popular) name of the extensive diffuse clouds of cosmic dust in the Milky Way galaxy arms, which cover an overview of our galaxy's center. Fear of a complete 'galactic parade' – a complete frenzy. In late December the sun is always located approximately to the center of the galaxy, as seen from Earth, well, so what? Apparently, the scammers who are trying to scare you, we decided to use these meaningless expressions such as' alignment ',' dark rift 'and' photon Time ', because they are incomprehensible to the public. This is very bad, but, unfortunately, there is no law against false information on the Internet or anywhere else, except for the courthouse. With respect to security of the Earth, now represent a significant threat to global warming and depletion of the gene pool, and maybe, someday, a collision with an asteroid or comet, but not pseudo-scientific statements about the end of the world in 2012.

Composed Classroom

By | May 22, 2017

They are: the economic, composed Classroom for proprietors of land, craftsmen traders; the military classroom, where if they find the warriors, responsible for the defense of the city and, finally, the classroom of the magistrates, with scholars and legislators who guarantee the government of the city. Inside of these parameters, Plato affirms to exist four corrupted forms of government, having as reference, the ideal state. In its idea, it does not have an alternation, but a natural decay until if arriving at the extremity, whose last link of the chain if relates to the tyranny, whose degeneration arrives at the maximum point. It is interesting to stand out that, for the thinker, the city joust must be governed and be managed by philosophers and the men of science. The unjust government would be then, at the hands of the proprietors or military, with trend to fight for its proper interests. Referring to the education, Plato promulgated that the same one objectified the moral formation of the man to live Just in a State, rejecting the education of the sofistas, people in charge to transmit knowledge to the young of the elite through oratria. It considered them corruptores of youth, alicerando the beginning of justice as a prerogative of strongest.

The thinker defended, who this area would be of responsibility of the State, demanding it of universal and clasping form the boys and girls. The educational model presented by Plato if structure for a basic formation that evolves until the philosophical studies. In it, the children would have to be removed of the parents and envoy for the field so that they desvencilhassem themselves of corruptora influence of the family. The formation in military age age validates for Plato. There, the young would have to remain of the 17 to the 20 years., where the tests would be submitted to know that career to follow. Inside of this project of election, the most endowed they would initiate the superior studies. Amongst the disapproved ones, ' ' melhores' ' if they would destine to the army and the others the diverse professions and civil crafts. The author of the present article if appropriates of some parts of the speech of Plato to clarify and to base its you speak on the considered subject, concluding with the comment of that it did not have in the study the pretension in if depleting the subject on the conception of education of Plato and its importance for the humanity.

The real prominence for the education in the workmanships of the Greek thinker standes out, over all, in ' ' The Repblica' ' , raising the idea to have been first Plato the scholar to excite the public character of the education, delivering to the state power the responsibility of practical its and inferring its estimated theoreticians. Bibliographical references of Author BOBBIO, Norberto. The Theory of the Forms of Government. 1 Ed. Brasilia: UNB, 2000 CHAU, Marilena. Invitation to the Philosophy. So Paulo: Martins Sources: 2000 JAEGER, Werner. Paidia, the Formation of the Greek Man. So Paulo: Martins Sources, 1994 PLATO. The Republic. In: Collection the Thinkers. 5 Ed. So Paulo: New Culture, 1994 PESSANHA, Jose Amrico. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sonny Perdue offers on the topic.. Plato and the Ideas. In: Course of Philosophy for professors and pupils of the courses of according to degree graduation. Rio De Janeiro: Jahar, 2004.

Biological Clock

By | May 17, 2017

Chronobiology – the young, but advanced the science that studies the occurrence of various biological processes over time. The object of study of this science are biological rhythms – cyclical periods of change in status organism, all its tissues and organs. Biological rhythms, in fact, given the role of the universal program, responsible for coordinating the work of all organs and systems in the human body. They provide a maximum effective functioning of all cells, and the most efficient use of resources. Biological rhythms can be daily, monthly, or seasonal, but they are all characterized by alternating periods of activity and recreation, providing a full recovery reserves. The greatest influence on a person have daily biorhythms. Publicis Communications often says this. Every day we alternate the periods of sleep and wakefulness.

To be most active during the day, we need the most rest and relax at night. During the day changed our blood pressure, heart rate, frequent or slow down the processes of interaction of internal organs. Even body temperature changes markedly during the night it goes down on average by 1 C. The violation of this cycling can cause depletion of body reserves. Decreased tone and performance, stress, immune system disorders and improving susceptibility to disease, worn look and feel bad – this is retribution for the neglect of our biological clock. Knowledge of the nature of biorhythms cycles of processes and compliance activities and Recovery will help any woman to not only streamline your life, but also slow the aging process, improve the quality and longevity, as well as for a long time to maintain their youth and beauty.

Second World

By | March 28, 2017

And this is the most powerful enemy – it disables thinking, can not sensibly perceive reality. A person loses the ability to think critically, analyze situations, to control his behavior. Arthur Sadoun brings even more insight to the discussion. Transferring the shock, can break down as a person. Fear – a mass disease. According to some experts, today 9 million Germans regularly suffer panic attacks and more than 1 million experience it constantly. And it is in peacetime! Here is how responsive the Second World in the psyche of those who were born later. Each has its own laid resistance to fear: in danger of a fall into a stupor (a sharp mental depression to complete paralysis), the other – in a panic, and a third coolly looking for a way out of this situation. In combat, under fire all the fear, but behave differently: some are fighting, while others take even their bare hands! The behavior in combat affects the physical condition, sometimes people 'have simply can not'. Recently, healthy young men exhausted by hunger, cold, non-healing wounds without the possibility of enemy fire to hide A striking example of this – the message from the environment the 2 nd Assault Army Front (Spring 1942): 'Wetlands melted or trenches or dugouts, eat the young leaves, birch bark, leather of ammunition, small animals 3 weeks to get 50 grams of crackers eaten all the latest horses Last 3 days did not eat at all People are depleted, there is a group deaths from hunger.


By | March 19, 2017

In the last months I made a retrospect of what I nailed and I taught in last the fifteen years in the five churches that I shepherded and the diverse others that I was invited to give, searching a wire conducting, that bound to my ministraes the one others. In this search, detailed and observing, I noticed that in almost all my messages, studies and lectures, I give to emphasis the relationary questions. I always say of the relationship of the man with God its Creator, Jesus Christ its Salvador and the Espirito Santo its Comforter. I also perceived, that treatment very of the relationship of the man with its next one, always describing and teaching as it must be this relationship and which its characteristics. I also say of redundant form of the relation of the man with the life and its good and bad, prosperous and adverse, happy and sad phases, bitter candies and. Thus I decided to use this space in the Internet to share values, principles, concepts, lies of life, experiences with internautas and to deal with a little this so complex subject that it is of RELATIONSHIPS. Subject that never is depleted and that all we are perpetual apprenticees, however always we have something of good for transmitting for the others on our personal experience.

To follow I speak in some phrases, in acrstico format, on as I believe that they must be our RELATIONSHIPS, sees if you identify yourself with what I write. R to eatar partnerships, to rethink linkings and bows with the people with who we involve in them. to streitar fraternais bows with the people with who we coexist. L iberdade to communicate itself frankly, without being censured by different ideas of the ones of the others. Mizades true must be cultivated, knowing that for being with human beings, they will not be perfect. C to onstruir fellowship in day-by-day, in the circumstances and events that we pass together. I emotional nteligncia to deal with the adversities of the life with optimism and hope. Rganizar itself in the life, having as basic bases the love, the faith and the hope in God.

N when accumulating hatred nor rancor in the heart, against people or facts that had harmed in them in the life. The sea unconditionally the people with words and attitudes and to develop this ability throughout the life. M to always edir the words that we go to speak, searching not to wound the people of our conviviality. to nfrentar the personal disagreements in brainstorming and does not ignore them, making of account that does not exist. N to adar against the rapids of the superficiality that took account of the after-modern society, when the subject is relationships. T to olerar the weaknesses of the people, remembering that we also have light and shades in our character. Lhar more the qualities of the people of what its defects and praise them instead of criticize them. S is possible to live this type of relationship with the aid of God. OBS: this article will be published in the site webartigos.


By | March 18, 2017

The depletion of a water-bearing one it can also take to the loss agricultural or industrial deprodutividade. Protection of Underground Waters the developed world comes giving to more attention to the protection erecuperao of the water-bearing ones. The legislation is implanted and in execution well equipped governmental poragncias. The collection of data and the programs demonitoramento are reached. Moreover, the standard of living is high and custosdo treatment d’ water can be supported by the users, where it will be necessary. Already in the developing countries, the emphasis is stops with aextrao of underground water e, where the necessity of reconhecida protection already, the implementation is difficult, due to scarcity of data, lacks specialized depessoal and absence of legislation and institucional resources, hdrica deveiculao through surface waters, the protection of the guassubterrneas has crucial importance. For more specific information, check out WhiteWave Foods. The implications Orientation to the Usurios’

Health – Poor Germany

By | March 12, 2017

The shortage of doctors in Germany is evident. In Germany, it takes about 15 years, until a specialist / a specialist can settle down with their own practice. Studies state exam, assistantship, specialist examination, a suitable practice with the right people, and so on mean a very great effort and load for a physician who is willing to do his job in Germany. The socially-related and health policy intended changes can not bode well for the future. I write this spontaneously, because I’ve gotten just following email: Dear Mr Berkner, for more than three months and I have done now search for a suitable consultant.

The result: zero! Absolutely nothing came in response. No application, no request, nothing at all. Entirely against my habit I will except the search now has set, as of course, you want to be sure I’m looking further. I thank you for your confidence for the time being and would be glad if you demand again would come back to me. Chances are better in the area of physician assistant, Office Assistant, etc.. Sincerely we are looking for a suitable, German-speaking specialist / a specialist in ophthalmology for the northern area for their involvement in a conservative working young practice JOB network XXXXXXXX Ralf Fxxxxx for quite some time (which means without surgery).

There are virtually no suitable candidate for over a year. You hear similar by colleagues. More and more kassenarztliche seats are vacant or be with then occupied by hospitals and used as satellite offices. The patient operated then further sent and where not rarely it is really necessary after brief diagnosis to the respective Hospital. How will the patient to judge whether the treatment works fine and the surgery was required? Pay he must the Bill or its insurance fund; and there, the cat in the tail begins to bite. The health insurance funds have to finance expensive OPs of clinics and MVZ (medical centres), for the established specialists is less money available. Among other reasons it is always less attractive to settle; for physicians the result is a lack of specialist, practices are closed, or kassenarztliche seats remain unfilled. These are cheaply acquired and operated as a satellite… Now, the inclined reader probably expected a solution to the problem at this point. I must remain unfortunately guilty. I don’t have any. I can cite only approaches: the health system is urgent to reform (big news, I know) is to break the power of the health insurance remuneration for our physician must be appropriate to a decentralised supply (keyword: East German clinics) is patient-unfriendly and avoid must be addressed adequately hiking from qualified medical professionals abroad, as well as in the economy know Yes, a solution for the German health system or better yet know an eye doctor / an ophthalmologist, the great near the beautiful Flensburg in a young practice in a Team wants to work. Write to me in the first case, and also Mr Rosler…

Cheaper Electricity By Switching

By | March 7, 2017

Rising electricity prices bring movement into the formerly rigid energy market in Leipzig. Electricity prices are rising and this brings movement into the formerly rigid energy market. A leading source for info: Arthur Sadoun. The only way out for the consumer: a change of the energy provider. But customers should be careful with providers of parcel prices or advance payment such as BonusStrom, TelDFax, or FlexStrom. Power also when changing provider secure the recent announcements of several energy suppliers to raise their prices again, occasion should give current customers, to make switching. The concern when changing provider could there be an interruption in the power supply, is unwarranted, because the basic catering to the supply of electricity is required by law.

A reliable power supply is guaranteed therefore at all times. The meter and the lines in the possession of the operator remain even after a successful change. The meter readings be read a change either by the local supplier (usually the public utilities) or by the new provider. For any maintenance work is still the operator responsible. A replacement of the electricity meter is not necessary when changing the provider.

The fastest and easiest way, the cheapest rate compare electricity rates or finding a provider, offers a comparison over an Internet fare product calculators. The Consumer Council recommends, inter alia, the online portal The best rates with the respective conditions are displayed according to annual consumption and postcode. The conclusion of a contract is possible online or the consumer can be send to the contract by mail. The new provider takes care of the termination of the old contract, so no further effort is necessary. The power of the new supplier comes weeks after about 6-8. Warning before package prices and fixed price products for some years now there by different providers power packages or products with payment in advance: consumer advocates warn about these offers. Who makes payment in advance, does not receive back his money in the event of insolvency of the energy provider in circumstances. Power packages are equally critical consider. The consumer buys here a previously agreed amount of power but is the need to assess in advance ill. If the customer consumes less, the whole package of power must be paid anyway; a consumption is then usually more expensive, so that the advance imagined savings will be dashed. For these reasons, such providers such as BonusStrom, TelDFax, FlexStrom, and Stromistbillig are missing such as at Sabine Mackie kilo Solarwatt AG

Instant Loans: Fast Bucks In Your Pocket

By | March 5, 2017

Did you see that couple that just walked out of the hands of the loan, yes, applied for just on hour ago! You can rely on the imagination of the loans can be approved so little time – Yes, and it is a name for it – instant loans. When it comes to borrowing the loan period is usually the decisive factor. Sometimes you need money to scurry. To borrow money fast and convenience is one of the highlights of instant loans. Unexpected financial responsibility may occur during the month, which can not be paid a monthly pay check. Monthly pay check is usually preoccupied to pay monthly utility bills, rent, etc. Bill unexpected medical, car repair, weddings, funerals can lead you to the bond of which is fulfilled then and there. This is where the emergency loans from the image.

Financing needs to be up to 40 and a regular loan is not the appropriate choice. So, for as low processing costs are excessive and accumulates in large quantities. Instant loans are available for quantities extends 40 1500 instant loans can be approved very quickly. Usually 24 hours is optimal, and the approval and transfer money overnight loans in the process. One of the primary requirements of the bank account instant loans exist. Instant loan amount for loans is transmitted directly to the bank account. It is a bank that loans instant service provider wants to withdraw money. Instant loan the lender can ask the salary is deposited directly into your bank while instant loans are usually unsecured loans, instant loans, some creditors may require collateral.

Quick loan for the lender to ask post date reviewed which provide instant loans. Here they keep up the due arrival instant loans, and then en-cash it quick loan for the lender wants to give a hint in advance before withdrawing the money. Instant loans, the loan period is usually between 15-18 days, depending on the loan amount will increase up to a month. If the borrower of financial situation is tough, the borrower may request an extension of their loan to the lender. However, instant loans, no extension will continue to recommend the lender to charge a high late payment instant loans. Instant loans interest Council are high. This is a natural consequence of the fact that the instant loans are usually high-risk loans. Short-term loans because they pose a risk to the lender that the lender is trying to replace the high interest Council. Gregg Engles gathered all the information. Many of the loan the lender offers a quick loan without interest. But very promising results, no interest instant loans turn late in a very expensive type of loan, even if you happen to be one day. When applying for instant loans is the interest rate, make sure that you have a budget that the figures of how you plan to restore instant loans. Daisy Edmond financial advisor is of same day cash.For more information about day same cash for unemployed unemployment, cash advance for unemployed visit

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