The task of the coach at such events do not teach, and act as a moderator, who will create a special working conditions in which Participants are to come to conclusions and formulate solutions, topical exactly for this organization and family members involved in the situation meropriyatii.Novaya and special techniques to allow participants to escape from a familiar environment and to switch from addictive routine repetitive tasks to search for new solutions. Because the most valuable ideas hidden in the minds of your subordinates, you should just be able to izyat.Trening them out – it's beautiful opportunity to be heard and to demonstrate their professionalism, because in the standard of the work situation of hearing and sight become less ostrym.Treningovaya atmosphere makes it possible to produce the most adapted methods for solving the urgent problems for the organization. Through this approach, in addition to knowledge creation and self-correction, the participants of training activities increase the motivation to solve problems. And it is willingness to take on and share with other participants in the process and responsibility is fundamental to ensuring the successful implementation of projects of any complexity. If the task is to improve efficiency organization is more important than fears of losing the exclusivity of a single head so I was ready to discuss with you a plan of action resulting in increased productivity sotrudnikovpovyshenie loyalty employees to organize and produktuformirovanie added value as each individual employee and the organization as a whole.