Peru Presidency

Follow statements by Castaneda for Federico Salazar: take for example me, surrounded by notes what is it? How can traffic with the honor of a person? Jaime says that these are small licenses that takes the press. But still asking to Castaneda in the program of Federico: would you say what’s behind this, that you consider a load heap, part of El Comercio, economic interests group?, political interests?, how would define them? Castaneda responds: the director of the trade has been Ambassador for the Government of Toledo, then there are political interests behind all this. Jaime then said something that do not believe nor their daughters: is truth that the current director of El Comercio, Mr Francisco Miroquezada Rada, was briefly Ambassador in Paris from the Toledo Government. But that does not mean to support Toledo as presidential candidate then Jaime wanted to reshuffle a bit I said, trying to of a funny way to say that El Comercio is supporting it to him. He said that trade, Peru 21, and the trome supported it. He said that all these posters that have bonding of his candidacy pasted the Miroquezada (doing the funny). But to tell the truth, Jaime has to say about where he has released so much money to do this kind of propaganda, because it costs money, and we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars. It will be the money of the inheritance that his MOM received? For the sake of its supposed transparency, you have to say who or who are supporting it.

Then Jaime showed a video of the year 1992 where interviewed in a television newscast to Alex Kouri, and clearly it looks like this candidate, today for Mayor of Metropolitan Lima, belonged to the PPC. In reality, everything is more of the same. It is true that the media, acting in a legitimate democracy, you have the right to criticize and supervise the authorities, when there is breach of promises. But it is also true that the daily El Comercio supports to Toledo for the Presidency. It is also true that Lourdes supports Castaneda, for the Presidency, to this, her support for the Mayor’s Office.

It is also true that Kouri is corrupt, and that it was closely linked to Montesinos. All our candidates to the Presidency, as Mayor, have straw tail. Because unfortunately our policy is as well. Jaime also does not escape this truth. This Sunday was launched as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, the candidate most amazing and unusual in the history of our country. A candidate who is accustomed to mixing the real thing, with the fictitious. A candidate who wants to do all this, a fictional adventure. It is more than sure that after that you pass all this, Jaime will write a novel, which will be sold like hot cakes.