And if the pilot makes a mistake at the start, it's very big chance to "fly" into an abyss from both BC and from the glacier Petrovsky. As a safe start – try 'spoon' in the northern tip of the spur of the peak Petrovsky. Yes, even old-timers have added "fuel to the fire", saying that the Japanese-paragliding his death in 1986 at the glacier Petrovsky. Storm The night passed quietly, but Andrew complained slight indisposition. We decided that I will go back to the ridge and try that same spoon that you looked more closely the day before.

The sky was covered with harmless clouds. Climbing up the ridge and reached the starting place, tighten the valley saw Achik-Tash and a good eight of the slope. I decided to wait. Good reason: leaving the relationship reported the situation and intentions, the base said that the smell of rain. During that time the barrel and base ten said that they start watering. Put on a backpack and went down. At this point, the wind turned 180 degrees, and it has increased by half. We had to descend on the leeward side as the wind force was so great that my sails enough to work or go on a yo-yo fours.

Down in the valley, soaked to the skin – and went to a camp near Lenin shower. Wind is in the valley has been the reverse direction and less than four. By the evening began to feel that this trip will affect health.