And talk to them many things by parables, saying: here, the sower went out to sow. (Matthew 13: 3). You may find that CAGR can contribute to your knowledge. Following the example of rice and its process from the beginning to the end, I’ve learned that if we want to conquer something in life should follow the same principles. Labrador begins first by removing weeds, shrubs, Thistles, gravel, grass, clearing the ground of all vegetation, leaving the Earth bare, in the same way we should proceed with our lives, starting with removing all the dirt, all of our heart, our mind, in our soul, which has grown as yuyo bad leaving our land desolate and aridan unproductive land, maybe for a long time has been refuge of small sluts that have destroyed any possibility of growth and fruits, recalls that a small Fox destroys a large orchard and sometimes the human heart is a land where they grow only Thistles and vegetation useless that nothing produces. By the same author: Kathryn Strandburg. But the Lord said unto them: now well, ye Pharisees limpiais it’s out of the Cup and dish, but inside you are full of rapacity and wickedness. (Luke 11: 39).

After the cleansing of Earth, comes the remover, plough, removing all root and everything had stayed even after weeding, and this represents in our lives, small wounds that have not healed and that need to be removed them so that they do not adversely affect the Earth. Memories triztes of the past that unhappy events that have been recorded in our interior and that we don’t forget counts that they have polluted our land for a long time and is nothing of what we do leaves us well and many times we wonder why the because, for these reasons it is necessary that we begin the process by the principleWe well clean the ground where we will sow.