It is a phenomenon which is related to patterns of leisure and consumption that young people have learned in recent years and that extends to most developed countries. These nocturnal leisure habits are based mainly on the consumption of alcohol by boys and girls, fleeing from the famine of pubs and bars and the dynamics of other young people from going from pub to pub overnight. In the 1980s the being eventually also became a cheap way for the economy of many young pockets. The police presence in areas of consumption did not decrease the problem of alcohol intake, so you would need to think rather in introducing basic values such as health, tolerance and the good neighborly against other dominant social values such as hedonism in the ensenananza, the individualism or Presenteeism, emphasizing the manipulation that interests economic cause in the minds of youth by imposing on them fashions and uses that have nothing to do with freedom.

Administration, schools, parents and mothers, mediators social… have a responsibility to take to tackle a problem that added more alcoholics to the already millionaire list.